11 Chinese New Year gift ideas

Chinese New Year is undoubtedly a time for giving, and we could say it is the most important festival in China. As with most of these cultural festivities, gift selection must be done carefully, not only based on the different status of the receivers, but also taking into account the cultural context and the adequate gift-giving etiquette!

The act of giving during the Chinese New Year holiday is as much about passing on good wishes and luck for the coming year, but also about the exchange of meaningful gifts.

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Tips to have in mind before you buy

  1. When giving a gift at Chinese New Year pay close attention not only to the color of the gift, but also to the wrapping paper in which it is delivered. There are certain colors you should avoid: white, because it is associated with funerals, and black or blue, because it is related to death.
  2. You should preferably opt for red, gold and yellow objects, since they symbolize wealth and prosperity
  3. When giving or receiving a gift, always use both hands. It is an important part of gift-giving etiquette.
  4. Always start by giving the gift to the oldest member of the family.
  5. The person receiving the gift will express their thanks but won’t open the gift immediately in front of the giver; he or she will put it aside to open it in private later.

Find the perfect gifts on Pricepulse!

Gifts for friends

Tea sets

These tea sets are a great option to consider for your friends, they are practical and come in some fabulous designs.

Rosewood chopsticks

These fancy chopsticks will add style to your friends’ dinner parties. There are options made of natural wood, others of fiberglass, but they are all elegant and reusable!

Fruit gift

The gift basket with fruits, plus other additional tempting items, is ideal for every occasion, and they have different varieties to suit all tastes. Check these delicious fruit gifts!

Health food

These are presents you’ll probably give to your friends who love to eat well. From superfood pouches to power and protein smoothie mix powders, there is a super healthy variety to choose from!  

Gifts for kids


A good quality and fun toy is also a very nice gift, that will be very welcome by kids on New Year. Check out the wide variety available on Pricepulse.

Red envelopes and packets 

It’s well-known that red means luck for the Chinese, so Chinese New Year red envelopes filled with money or gold coins are an excellent choice.

School supplies

Visiting your host with some school supplies like a writing pen or a nice box of painting brushes will give the kids a pleasant surprise.

Gifts for seniors


A good traditional tea set will certainly be appreciated by senior people. There are beautiful options here!

Foot massager

In traditional Chinese medicine, a massage is a gentle way to repair one’s body. And a good foot massager will improve the blood circulation of the feet, which is very beneficial for older people.   

Tonic foods

It is popular to choose a gift that benefits seniors health. So anything you choose that will make seniors feel healthier is a good choice! Take a look at this variety of tonic foods.

Hats and gloves

These are very nice gift options, and also a way of keeping older people warm and comfortable. Check these excellent sets at really affordable prices. 

You can find all these New Years gifts plus much more on Pricepulse. First, make sure to download the app, and then just start saving money and time! You’ll receive price drop notifications for each product you are watching, so you don’t miss the chance when it’s the perfect time to buy.

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