14 Christmas Eve Gift Ideas for Kids

As we get closer to Christmas, we start having these déjà vu thoughts: “What will I get my kids this year?”, “These days kids have pretty much everything they could ever want and need”, “If shopping for your own kids is already difficult, imagine doing it for someone else’s children!”, “Should I go for the creative gift or the educational option?”

We know there are so many gift ideas out there to choose from that it can be pretty overwhelming. But the good news is we have done some work and research for you! Plus, some additional tips that can help.

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To make your holiday season a bit easier, we’ve rounded up some gift ideas for kids of all ages and interests. Whether your children are music lovers, aspiring artists, or future chefs, these kids’ gift ideas are guaranteed to make their holiday extra special this year.

Once your shopping is finished, you’ll know that you’ve given something memorable. Take a look at this list of great, cool gifts for kids that can be found in Pricepulse and save yourself a trip to the toy store.

14 best gift ideas for kids 

Bath toys

This is usually a popular choice with the little ones. There is a variety of colorful and interactive options of bath toys to make bath time more fun and appealing! 

Popcorn maker

Making your own popcorn at home is an idea that most of the kids will love. With these popcorn makers, you can make fresh, warm popcorn in minutes. Perfect for having a quick snack or enjoying their favorite movie! 

Stuffed animals

There is a great assortment of fluffy cute little buddies. You can choose any of these soft and lovely stuffed animals and can be sure that it will turn into a child’s best friend in no time! 

Cooking sets

Cooking sets for kids come with an assortment of items, accessories, and varying levels of detail. Take a look at these options to stoke the spark of cooking interets in children. 

Piano keyboard

This is the kind of gift that may kickstart a child’s musical journey and will hopefully lead to a lifetime of musical enjoyment. Take a look at these piano keyboards, they are excellent choices for beginners and kids!

Bath fizzies

Make bath time more fun! These colorful bubble bath fizzies are a perfect and original gift for kids, toddlers and even teens.  

3D night light

3D night light is both a beautiful and convenient gift choice. Many colors and designs to choose from!


What’s more fun than  playing with putty? This is a classic gift choice, but very popular still! Kids always receive a good set of colorful putty with a happy smile. There are different varieties; glow in the dark, assorted colors, therapeutic, among others. 

Coloring tablecloth

These sets of coloring tablecloths are original gifts that can be great to take on holidays or to get kids entertained during rainy days! They can be used with colored pencils, crayons, pastels, chalks and paints.

Board game

In this category we have a broad variety to choose from! You can find games to suit all interests, and with these board games kids can also share the fun with their family and friends.  


A good book is a gift that will entertain kids and parents will love. When you give a book as a gift, you know that it will last for a long time and can be enjoyed over and over again.  

Alphabet tracing board

The Alphabet tracing boards are great ways for kids to practice letters and numbers. It’s both educational and fun!   

Art set

These beautiful art sets include everything you need to inspire artistic hidden talents. There are boxes that have crayons, colored pencils, brushes, watercolor cakes, sharpeners, and much more! All the necessary elements to bring about artistic talents.  

Emoji pillows

These emoji pillows are not only decorative gifts for a kid’s room, they are also a comfortable pillow! The fun assortment of emoji faces, including kiss, wink, laughing and sunglasses, will surely add some fun to the bedroom decoration. 

Once you made your gift choice, add that item to your Watchlist and just wait for the price to drop. Pricepulse will let you know when it is the right time to buy!

You won’t be wasting any time or money! 

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