How much does the PS5 cost?

Thanks to its robust backward compatibility, snappy interface, awesome game performance and incredibly fast load times, the PlayStation 5 already feels quite like the future of console gaming.

But it’s a fact that the PS5 is really hard to find these days, and many stores are struggling to meet demand. But on the bright side, a big wave of PS5 stock is coming in the short term.

Between now and April, Sony will reportedly have 3 million PS5s a month ready for retailers to sell. So if you are on the hunt for one, you will probably snatch one soon.

Bear in mind that with Pricepulse, you can sign up with your email for a stock alert notice. You just have to enter your email here, and you will receive a notification the second the PS5 is back again for sale!

Price and current cost

The full PlayStation 5 with a disc drive retails for $499.99. But its street price is easily worth double that; around $1024. That’s what people are actually paying for these consoles. The digital edition, on the other hand, has a retail price of $399, and a street price of $990.

Tips for getting your own PS5

  1. Know which edition you want: the first step would be to decide which model best fits your needs, the full PS5 or the digital edition. Remember that the digital edition lacks a disc drive, removing the option for physical media, such as Blu-ray discs and games. 
  2. Have payment information ready: having this info ready is essential, because as soon as you get Pricepulse’s back-in-stock alert, you should ensure a speedy purchase!
  3. Don’t waste time in stores: given the pandemic, Sony has stated that the vast majority of PS5s will be released online. The best option here is then to wait for that email announcing that the PS5 is back in stock on Pricepulse.
  4. Don’t be picky about bundles: maybe it gets difficult to find a console for sale on its own; retailers are using the sparse supply of consoles as a method of up-selling consumers, forcing the purchase of accessories and games they wouldn’t otherwise purchase
  5. Don’t give up if your cart won’t load: simply refresh the page and add to the cart until the order goes through. Sometimes due to the influx of traffic the system can crash.

Popular PS5 video games

Below we have listed the best PS5 games you should make sure you have in your new collection. Take full advantage of the cutting edge graphics and faster load speed of your new console with these great PS5 games.

  • Sackboy: A Big Adventure; this game is packed with delights and surprises, and full of charm. Here, our hero visits different planets to fight against the plans of the evil Vex, and has lots of fun during this process. It’s great for families
  • Astro’s playroom: this is a really charming game; pilot a glider, climb like a monkey, fight monsters and find collectibles. Don’t disregard this game just because it comes installed with the PS5, and it’s free; it offers a great way of getting to know the Dual Sense new adaptive triggers, and it’s a really entertaining and fun game!
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The PS5 version takes full advantage of the Dual Sense controller’s adaptive controllers, recreating the coil of each individual gun.
  • Marvel’s Spider Man; it delivers a cinematic experience that easily rivals Hollywoods.
  • Ghost of Tsushima: this game was already one of the best looking in PS4, and thanks to the extra graphical horsepower and a recent update, it’s even better in PS5!
  • Fortnite; this game looks amazing on PS5, loading times have been reduced, and it supports those adaptive triggers, so you’ll feel the difference when you pick up ranged weapons.

Where and when to get the PS5

We know that the PS5 is sold out right now, but it won’t be forever. Besides keeping an eye out for restocks, remember the best way to score your next PS5, either in its full version or in its digital version, is to subscribe to Pricepulse’s PlayStation Stock Alert with your email. 

You’ll receive a back-to-stock alert the second it is for sale. Pricepulse is constantly tracking Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Walmart for PS5 restocks.

With Pricepulse, you’ll save not only time, because it does the tracking job for you, but you will also save money, because you can download and use it for free

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