PlayStation 5 launch: next-gen gaming experience

The PlayStation 5 was launched in several regions in November 2020. And it has already proved to be not only powerful but also well designed. The PS5 can be considered like a generational leap for console gaming. It loads games in seconds and provides new ways to interact with them. 

Sony has launched two models: the regular PS5 with a 4K Blu-Ray drive, and a digital edition. Since the latter will not have a disc drive, gamers will have to purchase games digitally from the PS store.

But no matter which model you choose, the new PS5 is a superb console that offers next-gen gaming experience.

Among the great PS5 features, we can mention the following:

  • The PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 games; this means that you will be able to insert PS4 discs into the PS5 and play them 
  • It has DualSense controller; this means there will be subtle vibrations and pulses to provide more feedback
  • The controller will be much lighter and its battery life could last for as long as up to 12 hours without charge
  • It has cross-generation chat with PS4; it means that PS5 players can chat with PS4 players with their account for PlayStation Network
  • The home screen is more dynamic; it will be better at showing live elements, such as displaying available missions or allowing players to select their activity in real time

7 things you probably didn’t know your PS5 could do

  1. Detach the stand, or swap it around
  2. Make use of your old DualShock 4s when playing backwards-compatible PS4 games
  3. Use game boost to auto-enhance PS4 games
  4. Save storage by streaming your backwards compatible titles
  5. Customise your console with skin vinyl stickers
  6. Join parties without a headset using the DualSense mic
  7. Hit the Create button to commemorate your greatest achievements

PS5 worldwide availability

As we enter 2021, PS5 stock still remains difficult to track down. Since pre-orders first went live, retail stock has been going in and out rapidly. Even though restocks are expected to come relatively soon, it’s hard to know what retailers will get more PS5 consoles. 

Rumor has it that more PS5 consoles will be available for sale as of January 7th. Major retailers have all stated they are awaiting new stock for January, so our suggestion is to check for stock availability during this month.

PS5 prices

Even though the PS5 prices have not changed since its launch date ( the full PS5 with a disc drive retails for $499,99), it’s easily worth even double that on Amazon; it may even arrive at an approximate street price of $1024. That’s what people are actually paying for the console. As regards the digital version, the official price is $399, but its street price amounts to $990

Take into account that by importing your Amazon Wishlist into Pricepulse, you can click on Start Watching and Pricepulse will notify you as regards stock and price.

Official PS5 accessories

There are many accessories that can upgrade your PS5 experience; the list of official PS5 accessories includes:

  • Pulse 3D wireless headset, offering 3D audio support and dual-noise cancelling microphones
  • HD camera for gamers to broadcast themselves along with their epic gameplay moments
  • Media remote with built-in microphone to navigate movies  and streaming services with ease
  • DualSense charging station for convenient charging of two DualSense Wireless Controllers

Get ready to grab your PS5 with Pricepulse!

We are aware that getting your hands on a PS5 can be a bit hard, but you can be positively sure about one thing: the easiest way to monitor not only the console’s price, but also the price of its accessories, is by using Pricepulse!

You can download it for free on the App Store or Google Play, and you will have instant access to the price history of the products you are looking for, as well as price notifications when prices hit the all time low, and it’s the perfect time to buy!

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