What does Green Monday mean?

Traditionally, Green Monday takes place on the 2nd Monday of December. This year, it will be on Monday 14th of December. Around this date is when shoppers usually realize they only have about 10 shipping days left before Christmas, so that’s when Green Monday makes its grand appearance!

And if we boost this sales day with the use of Pricepulse, which has all the necessary tools to save some serious money on each purchase you make, then you can be sure that you will make the most of this online shopping day. The best part? With Pricepulse there is no need to search for extra codes or special discounts, you just have to let Pricepulse’s artificial intelligence do its job!

Like Cyber Monday, its November counterpart, Green Monday occurs after the in-store gift purchasing done on Black Friday. There is a chance you might see products even more marked down than they first were on Black Friday, as stores clear out their inventory before the end of the year. 

And why is it called Green Monday?

Mainly for two reasons. First, green meant revenue for the companies. And second, there is this idea that online shopping is more environmentally friendly or greener than shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. The convenience of shopping with computers, tablets or smartphones is much more appealing to younger generations. 

How can I get the best Green Monday deals?

Green Monday sales usually begin at midnight and run for 24 hours. The short nature of the holiday, as opposed to an extended Cyber Week, is a great reason to find last-minute steep discounts.

Take note of these eight essential tips to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money when the time comes. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of Green Monday!

Download Pricepulse app or its Chrome extension

By using Pricepulse, you can be absolutely sure that you will be getting the lowest prices of any already discounted items! It’s a double benefit. Through the use of artificial intelligence, Pricepulse can track prices and predict when each product will hit its lowest price, and alerts you instantly when it is the best time to make the purchase. 

You will find a detailed price graphic for each product that shows really valuable info, such as product statistics: current price, lowest price ever, average price, highest price ever.

And it is as easy as pie; first you synchronize your Amazon account with Pricepulse, then you import your Wishlist, click on Start Watching, and let the app do its job!

What do you have to do next? Nothing but wait for the next price drop alert!

Research ahead

By checking your favorite online stores ahead of time, you will see if they have Green Monday deals already published. For example, Amazon has its Green Monday deals posted. Trust us, this previous work will save you big time!

Make a list

Since the holidays are a busy time for most people, lists are always a good idea to get organized. You can write down the gifts you have already bought and every gift you still need to buy. If you do this, by the time Green Monday arrives, you will have an easy list of presents to add to your cart.

Shop early

Many online websites publish their first Green Monday sales as soon as midnight. So, our advice here is to get online early to score the best deals, since in this ecommerce holiday products can sell out quickly.

Narrow down retailers

Even though it is a very popular shopping event, not all retailers will participate in Green Monday. So check in advance with your favorite retailers to see whether they’ll be offering sales.

Add to cart in advance

By adding your products to the cart with anticipation, you will surely cut down on time on Green Monday. That way, by the time Green Monday arrives, purchasing your items will just be a click away.

Keep away false sales

Be aware of online safety. Unfortunately, not all businesses are reputable. Before you enter all your credit card information, try to distinguish whether that sale is for real or if it’s just clever marketing!

Take care of your budget

We know that when deals are abundant, it’s easy to go overboard. Just like it happens with all the biggest shopping events, you should figure out a limit as regards how much you’d like to spend before embarking on an online shopping spree.

The golden rule you must remember is that just because an item has a big discount does not mean that you have to buy it.

And this last tip takes us back to our first number one tip: to take the fullest advantage of Green Monday and not only stick to your budget, but even save money, remember to use your best tool at hand, Pricepulse is your best shopping partner!  

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