What is St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s is a global celebration of Irish culture, it particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity during the fifth century. 

As regards the use of the green color included in all Irish celebrations, this stems from the time when the Irish rebelled against the British soldiers; the Irish wore green uniforms. At that time, people began wearing green as a sign of solidarity with the rebellion. 

When is it celebrated?

Since St Patrick is thought to have died on March 17th, a feast day was instituted to commemorate his life and accomplishments. Nowadays it is celebrated on that day in many parts of the world, especially by Irish communities and organizations

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Different ways of celebrating St Patrick’s

  • Learning Irish customs and phrases

Get ready for a future trip to Irish territory or just for the fun of it; one of these Irish phrasebooks will make you have a good time and learn at the same time!

  • Eating Irish traditional food

You can get some delicious and classic recipes in these cookbooks.

  • Play and dance to Irish tunes

Discover Irish music through some of the greatest Irish and Celtic folk classics.

  • Have a St Patrick’s Day party at home

If you like hosting celebration dinners and parties, giving your house an Irish touch with some St Patrick’s decor can be an excellent and fun idea!

  • Make St Patrick’s Day crafts

This option can be really fun and entertaining, you can find all the material necessary to do some unique crafts with an Irish touch!

  • Wear a St Patrick’s Day outfit

And there are clothes with a touch of green for everyone! From the little ones to adults, all the family can wear an original St Patricks outfit.

  • Make a toast with Irish beer

There are always many reasons to toast, so St Patrick’s celebration deserves a good Irish ale!

Some ideas of St Patrick’s gifts

There are dozens of charming St Patrick’s Day gifts, but we have rounded up a few options that will come in really handy when the time comes to give your family and friends a unique and green-themed St Patrick’s gift to celebrate the occasion.

St Patricks decor

No matter whether you are hosting a St Patrick’s celebration, or you just want to give an Irish touch to your rooms, there are really decorative and fun-filled St Patrick decorations to spread the spirit of the season at home or at the office! 

Celtic bookmark

A celtic bookmark is a great gift for book lovers, and it will be really appreciated by those who read and are interested in cultural heritage

St Patricks Day t-shirts

Getting a new t-shirt is always a good idea, and it is a suitable gift for everyone, adults, girls, boys, kids and even babies! And if it is a St Patricks t-shirt with a festive design much the better! 

St Patricks Day mug

These St Patricks mugs literally scream ‘Ireland’! These beautiful and original designs represent from the Irish green fields to the popular shamrocks that are the classic St Patrick’s symbol.

St Patricks Day socks

Socks have unfairly been considered as a throwaway gift, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! They are an everyday necessary item, and if they have funny St Patricks designs, the better!

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