What offers can I find on President’s Day?

President’s Day is getting closer, and many will have the day off, but even if you have to spend the day at work, there is definitely a positive side: the dozens of President’s Day deals and discounts!

Even though it is not among the most popular retail sales events of the year, you may still be rewarded with some of the steepest discounts of the year. 

What items can we find on sale on President’s Day?

Popular President’s Day sale items usually include mattresses, furniture, tech and home goods. You may also find some clothing deals as well, especially on winter garments. 

How do I make sure I don’t miss out on any sale?

And the question here is how do you make sure you don’t miss out on a single sale, promotion or bargain?

You can spend quite a lot of time and effort browsing each retail shop’s webpage to try to hunt the best deals, which is not even a guarantee that you will really snatch the best deals, or you can take a simpler path, and download Pricepulse for free!   

How does Pricepulse work?

With Pricepulse app you can get instant notification alerts when prices drop and it is the best time to buy. Prices are constantly changing and sometimes it is difficult to find the best price for the items you wish to buy.

This is why with the help of artificial intelligence, Pricepulse scans millions of products per day, tracking each one to predict its price behavior. The result? You’ll receive a notification when the price for the products you added to your Watchlist hit their lowest point! 

Best deals for President’s Day!


Are you expecting company over the holidays? This sale event can be the perfect opportunity to snatch some deals for sleeper sofas, beds and nightstands. You can also take this opportunity to update your living room with a new coffee table, TV stands, shelves and so much more! And all of them at the best price.

Mattresses and bedding

If your bed is still outfitted with an old, lumpy mattress, a scratchy set of sheets or a dull duvet, luckily President’s Day is packed with tons of sales on everything you need to make your bedroom the perfect place to rest and relax. You can start looking now for your next memory foam mattress, bed sheets and plush duvets

Outdoor gear

If you are currently planning to assemble your outdoor gear from scratch, perhaps with plans to spend more time in nature, then you are likely looking at hefty price tags. But if you take the opportunity of hunting for outdoor gear with Pricepulse, you will snatch some great deals on backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, camping stoves and chairs. 

Tech deals

When it comes to tech and gadgets, Pricepulse has some great options. From laptops and tablets to smart home devices, there is a great range of products at amazing prices; go ahead and take a look to save big dollars!


This shopping holiday you can also expect some steep discounts on big appliances like refrigerators, robot vacuums, outdoor grills. So if you were planning to invest in one of these big-ticket items, it could be the perfect time!


This is one category where you can expect some big discounts.  Sort through the broad selection of TVs available; you can find small-screen, 4K smart, big-screen  and flat-screen TVs.

Unbeatable bargains with President’s Day and Pricepulse 

You can be ready to make the most of this day of sales and discounts by downloading Pricepulse app on the App Store or Google Play, and the great news is that it is very easy to use, it will make you save time and money, and downloading it is for free! President’s Day is the perfect chance to start enjoying all of Pricepulse’s benefits.

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